Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here I Go Again!

I seem to restart this blog over and over. So, here we go again. I just had another birthday pass, not a major one, but I turned 57 yesterday. What I found out is that facebook has more Birthday wishes than Hallmark! I stopped counting after 100 + FB Birthday wishes. It was good to have so many greeting. (Even if facebook does give reminders.)

We drove to South Carolina to see Adam, Dana, Emma and Chloe and half-way there the a/c went out in the car. What a birthday present! But, I really love being a Grandpapa and the girls always make me feel young (and a little old at the same time.) These girls and Wynn too make me feel so loved.

Also, Lynn's mother, Janet Williams is in the hospital, ICU in Tennessee right now, please keep her in your prayers. We will keep family and friends updated on her condition.

In two days Lynn and I will celebrate 38 years of marriage. Some thought we were to young and would never make it, but we are still going strong. She is God's greatest blessing on this earth to me. Only the gift of His son, Jesus exceeds the gift of my wife.

While I was out of town this weekend, I understand that two people responded at the College Avenue Church of Christ requesting pray. God is good! We have lost several families over the last six months at church however we are gaining several at the same time. May God bless us and use His church here in Enterprise.

We start our Summer Series on Wednesday nights tomorrow with my good friend and brother Claude Flynn us off. I am pulling together Camp Wiregrass (my week is June 12-17) The Sr. High week begins Sunday.

I will be reviewing the book, First Time Dad by John Fuller. If you would like a copy I have a freebie to give away, so write me by Father's Day and the first response I get gets the book.

I will get my thoughts together and be blogging once again. Hope you will drop by and visit from time to time.

Love ya,